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"I’ll find her, and bring her home, I promise."

"M-Madoka!" Junko ran and catch her daughter, hugging her tight. Her daughter, who had gone missing for so long and was now crying in her arms. Junko was both relieved she had finally found her and terribly worried about the way she was acting. What had happened to her child?

She looked at the forming barrier and gaped in shock and fear, her senses going wild at the sudden change in the atmosfere. 


Junko didn’t knew about barriers or witches, but she knew there was something wrong with her daugther, and there was something wrong with this place. The only thing in her mind was that she needed to take her child away from all this crazy shit, somewhere safe. “Madoka… can you hear me? We need to move, ok? W-we need to get out of here…”

"It’s… it’s my paradise," a weak smile formed on her face. "It’s a place where nobody can be hurt and everyone is happy…"

The botanic gardens were forming now, as Kriemhild made a very weak effort to free herself from her mother’s embrace, but resigned herself to the hug nonetheless. “I… I… I’m not something that can live with humans anymore, mama…”

Junko was forcefully separated from her daughter by two shadowy specters. It took only one glance at them to see they were silhouettes of Sayaka, each of them with a sword in hand as they formed an X to prevent Junko from entering.

Kriemhild resigned herself to sit on the ground, legs hugged to her chest as she continued to cry. “… Mama, can we just not suffer anymore?” she finally asked, looking up at her with a sad smile. “No more wars or death… t… that’s something worth bringing about, right!?”

A strange cat-like creature just kept watching on.

this is honestly the first time i’ve seen any serious drama in this rp community

i’m going to be honest when i say i side with kyoumamisayas on this one but i really don’t want to say anything else on this matter tbh i really really don’t

this was a really shitty thing that happened


Lilly aka viola—odoratas is great.

contractine said: “Because I want to see how it effects you. Knowing that you were a monster. That Homura rejected you. I received Kriemhild Gretchen’s reaction. Now I want yours.”

"… Of course…"

Her fists were clenched, angrily wiping away at the forming tears “T… That’s all we are to you people, aren’t we!? Your lab rats!?”

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ "Madoka Kaname. Welcome back."

"… Kyubey."

"What happened?" she asked the Incubator. "I… I made a wish. To become a witch with a human’s heart and mind. What happened? W… why am I human again!?"

"… And why only for a little while…?"

"Girl. GIRL. Don't jus' sit there lookin' like Inu when someone takes 'is laptop, fer feck's sake. Where's yer parents?"

(M!A: Madoka is a human for a week)

"… I don’t really know."

After her barrier had fallen, where did they all go? Where had she absorbed them from? She could only assume they were back home.

"...Hello, 'Madoka'. How are you...?"

(M!A: Kriemhild is a human for one week.)

"… H… Homura-chan…"

She stopped her sobbing as she looked back up at Homura. “… I… it’s me again,” she said, looking at the girl she loved.

"I’m not a witch anymore. Or whatever I was…"

For the next week, Kriemhild is reduced back to Madoka, with full memory of her time as Kriemhild, and full knowledge that she is going to revert back to Kriemhild She will be fully aware of just how long she has left before she transforms back.

What’s going on?

The tower was falling.

Kriemhild’s paradise was burning.

All throughout her barrier, the beautiful botanic garden was catching fire.

What is the meaning of this, Incubator!? of course, Kyubey didn’t reply. Kriemhild’s eyes widened. Her barrier was shattering, her familiars were fading into thin air, and then she heard the Grey’s voice in her head.

"S… stop it!"

She was scared. She didn’t want this to happen. What was the point of it?

She was… a witch. Even if she had the heart of a human.

This… this was…


Madoka Kaname awoke not too long later, her odd soul gem clapsed in her hand. She tried her best to summon back her barrier, her familiars, but there was nothing.

"… O… one week…"

Madoka Kaname had one week to be a ‘normal’ human again before turning back into something between a witch and a human.

She had one week before becoming a monster again.