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"I want to find you and make you accept my existence."


"I will only recognized you as a nameless Witch. Who you were in your past life and the relationship that I have shared with you means nothing to me now."

{It was a harsh thing to say but it was a decision she had already made.}

"… You’re too cruel, Homura," Kriemhild said, frowning at her direction. "I… I did this for you, you know. You said… I would always turn into this. But this time, I have a sense of self. Or are you really that selfish?"


MadoHomu artwork collection by 山田あこ

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Within my Witch’s barrier lies the one true heaven all humans seek for. I’ll share it with you, if you’d like, Homura-chan…

(Hello, and thanks for you time! From the mun bringing you elodiethequeen, because I have zero sense of self control a huge desire to RP a more strict PMMM blog, and I have a thing for villains and dark versions of characters, I will be setting up this ask and rp blog for Madoka’s witch form, Kriemhild Gretchen!)

About the blog

  • This blog is OC friendly.
  • This blog is crossover friendly.While this blog is PMMM based, I would love interacting with other magical girls and even shounen anime RPs in general! That being said, I can’t really say I’d be too interested in live action stuff, but I can certainly give it a try.
  • This blog is anon friendly.
  • This blog is willing to run multiple characters for a thread.
  • NSFW roleplays (although this’d require an age bump) will always be tagged properly and be hidden with a Read More.
  • This blog is NOT spoiler free!
  • This blog is AU friendly.
  • This blog is shipping friendly.
  • I will try to remember to post general triggers, but if you see me posting or reblogging something triggering that you would like tagged, just tell me!

About the muse

  • Kriemhild/Madoka is 14 years old at the time of her transformation, but will never age past the age of 14 in her human form.
  • As a “dark” magical girl, when appearing as a human Kriemhild appears similar to Madoka’s normal magical girl outfit, albeit with black nails, red eyes, and a dark pruple and dark pink color scheme. Here are some examples.
  • Despite being a Witch, Kriemhild retains a human level of intelligence, comprehension, and reasoning, but still carries (and either struggles with or has embraced) the Witch desire of absorbing others into her heaven barrier. In her timeline, Madoka resigned herself to her fate of eventually becoming a Witch, but made a different final wish: she made the wish to become a Witch but still hold onto a human’s mind, becoming, as Kyubey put it, “a Witch who still has a heart”. She is still a Witch through and through, but has not lost her sense of self and has become a mindless monster, albeit she no longer identifies as Madoka Kaname. Homura either accepted this as a bittersweet and at least partial victory, or refused to acknowledge her and started another cycle, much to Kriemhild’s dismay. As a result, the Witch system is still in effect under Kriemhild.
  • Kriemhild’s sense of morality is very skewed. As the Witch of Salvation who’s barrier essentially traps somebody in their own personal heaven, part of her sees nothing wrong with trapping other magical girls and normal civilians in her barrier, draining the corruption of their soul gems to strengthen herself so they may never become a witch as well as absolve their suffering. She will always offer her enemies and anybody she sees suffering (be they magical girls or strangers) a chance to live in bliss within her barrier. However, like all Witches, she can be incredibly cruel in terms of combat, taunting and teasing before going in for a kill, seemingly upset they can’t live in happiness for eternity now. HOWEVER, she still retains some of Madoka’s mercy and sympathy, and understands why she can’t just envelop the whole world, believing her paradise should not be forced on those who do not want it. However, it is possible Kriemhild’s desires could overwhelm her psyche: if she does, the world will have a few days (or maybe just a few hours) before everyone is dragged into her world…
  • Kriemhild’s true form varies. While she prefers looking as she did as a human, this is a manifestation and not her true form. Her true form can be the canonical towering form she had, to the Ultimate Witch that can fit the entire moon and earth into her mouth.
  • She’s somewhat skilled at manipulation, able to masquerade as the normal Madoka with ease (having once been her) to a much colder and crueler witch.
  • Her familiars appear as shadowy silhouettes of Homura, who help ensure all in her barrier are as happy as they can be.
  • I like to imagine she has romantic feelings for Homura and Homura rejecting her as a Witch when opposed to a “pure” Madoka would leave her incredibly bitter and possibly more cruel as a Witch.
  • As the Ultimate Witch, Kriemhild might have the power to interact with other timelines through sheer power. Just a thought I had uvu

About the mun

  • The mun is a 20 year old cis man who uses him/his pronouns.
  • The mun has about 7 years of rping, but he’s only been seriously rping in semi-para style for about four years now.
  • The mun will not RP sexual things with those under 18 years of age, and even so I reserve the right to not do it for whatever reason. I am, however, willing to.
  • I RP in semi-para style, on average writing 3-7 sentences. However, if there’s a LOT of things going on, I am very likely to write much longer replies. I always try to match the amount of action being done.
  • I will enver try to control your character’s actions.